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Got our first sponsor!

An almost full moon hike with 21/11 lbs

Today was a fabulous day!

I was just smiling all day thinking of what awaitS me in the next few months. I swear, the anticipation of it is such a sweet part of this whole journey!

Watching things unfold, KNOWING they will be manifested in only a few short months is an incredible experience! It’s hard to believe this whole thing started as a thought from two summers ago, but once that thought hit Cambyr last April it’s been a constant building of momentum. Everything has worked out so smoothly with my job request for leave …and then the news today!

I started wondering about sponsors and if we should start asking companies if they want to support a mother daughter team in a mission to hike the AT. I wanted to have some worthy cause , a charity to support, but then I realized, my daughter and I are WORTHY. We are amazing and have so much to offer this world. We have the chance to align with ourselves and live a huge dream. That causes the expansion of our beings, our world views, our connection to our mother Earth….the expansion of the universe! Is that not a worthy cause!?

Besides, it just never hurts to ask! So I did! I saw an ad for new amazing only-pants-you-need pants and sent an email off asking if Cambyr and I could field test them for our AT hike…

The only pant you’ll ever need, EVER says outdoor vitals…wish I could test that theory myself!

They said no…the pants can’t be sent out before they are launched as a product. So I playfully wrote h back asking if there was anything they could send us…

Yes! Some ultra light backpacking pillows! I can’t wait to try them out…I usually never take pillows…but I’m also not usually home for six months either! So stay tuned ….we will open the package Live when we get it!

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  1. Christopher Lenox February 10, 2020

    Pillows are a must they will make your life sooooo much better

    • briana February 11, 2020 — Post Author

      Yeah, kinked up necks are no good …I got me some guitar playing to look out for!! 😄

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