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Cambyr and I have really been trying to integrate our training preparations for the AT into everything we can…I mean we are going to be living it for six months with no break or alternative, so why not just live it now.

I mean, think about it, if you want to live in Italy why wait till some distant time in the future when everything is practical enough for you to actually do it, when you could do it without leaving the comfort of your own home! Listen to Italian music and radio, learn the language everyday, make Italian food at home, watch Italian movies, just surround yourself… and feel as if you are already there… And you will be! 😁

This weekend we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather (60-70 degree F!) And so yesterday we did another hike with backpacks and walked from the climbing gym (where she broke her arm) down a rail trail through Newburyport to Salisbury.

We had a great time seeing all the other people out on the path as well.

You can watch more about how the hike went and the awesome tent setup planning Cambyr had on our YouTube channel.

After the hike we were amped up from the evening air and hungry! We treated ourselves too dinner at Panera (Cambyr was craving dinner hearty Mac and cheese… We have to figure out how to make it that good on the trail!) and then headed off to REI to get some clothes we will love being in for the six months of our hike.

As always we were let down by the offerings in the REI Reading store… Not much for Cambyrs size since she is between a girl and a woman now. And not much to fit my boyish waist and long legs. What did manage to fit was just plain BORING BLAH! Cambyr and I could design much cooler looking clothes with much better FUNctionality (Emphasis on the FUN!)

We will keep dreaming of that… But in the meantime we got some travel undies for Cambyr for quick dry durability and long haul comfort (Merino wool light weight undies) and we over heard an associate talking to a customer about REI return policy.

I couldn’t believe what I heard! They will let you return a pair of shoes (just about anything really) within ONE YEAR if purchase if you are not completely satisfied! I have been Highly unsatisfied with how quickly my Altra shoes seemed to be falling apart!

Cambyr had done some serious research last year before or half marathon in July to get us shoes that were popular amongst the AT thru-hiking crowd. Altra lone peak 4.0 were it. We bought the boot but REI accidentally sent the shoe and we decided it was a good accident and kept the shoe returning the other boot.

So we’ve been using them for about seven months. I took then to the cash registers And asked about the possibility to return them… And without hesitation they set us up… Thank goodness the weather was warm because we ended up walking out barefoot! They didn’t have those same Altras in our size (and they were already on sale for only $80…we bought them new for $120 each!) but we were kind of glad because we want to do some more research now that we know better what we are looking for. Seven months in those shoes helped us to get more clear on what it is we want and don’t want in our next shoes.

Maybe we can find a company we like and get them to sponsor us a pair or two for the hike!?

Stay tuned! ☺️

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