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Adventure Time on the Appalachian Trail

Snow much fun

On Sunday 1/19/20 beach time

Kids are so much fun… Seriously, in everyway, when we have a healthy perspective of it all!

Mine didn’t want to leave the house.

I lured them out of the confines of walls with a trip to a farmers market and freedom afterwards.

Half of the two agreed.

The other half…well, it took some cajoling.

The market didn’t think in advance of the small snow storm we had and so the winter tent wasn’t in place before the snow covered the area. So they cancelled it. (We only found out upon arriving)

Luckily, I had already planned on a trip to the beach for our AT training session. We were prepared with more time than we anticipated.

There was a long face in the group…not wanting to play and laugh and run. When did our kids become so jaded with outdoor fun? I keep wanting to blame everything on the electronic drugs our planet thoughtlessly feeds their young as a regular part of their diet. Where is all the research on how it’s affected young attitudes on the natural world? I don’t need research…my gut tells me they are negatively affected by it all.

nature heals them.

And I’ve witnessed this first hand each time I’ve taken my kids out hiking and camping with me. Hell, it’s healing me too, I’m not immune to the technology bug either. I have my own electronic emotional issues too. We all do to varying degrees. Whether it numbs us to our own senses or internal guidance system, or places the virtual world as a priority above the natural world, it’s affecting is all.

And so…I become the kid as an example to my kids, a reminder of how to act when you are Care-free and Excited to explore and experience what surrounds you.

I run away screaming in my two year old voice..

“Chase da birdies!”

And one of them runs with me…laughing…whirling about…acting like a two year old…

And the other watches, contemplates, and knows of their option to join or not. Learning to balance my unconditional love for them with my role as a caretaker of this developing being. They are at the forefront of creation, and I support their freedom, even if it doesn’t always coincide with my own vision of it, as long as every once in a while we can “chase da birdies” together.

And the hand of nature created playful kids from the sand!

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