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Adventure Time on the Appalachian Trail

Plane tickets and packs

Being outside always brings us back to the reality of our plans, and it is feeling oh so tell these days! I’m seriously savoring each and every moment of this anticipation and dreaming it’s so damn enjoyable!

We got our hyperlight mountain gear backpacks and I filled mine with the majority of the base weight gear … So far it feels great… I’m bummed I didn’t decide on these until now… Would have been nice to have actually camped with them a few times before leaving just to make sure they felt good over multiple days, but I’m confident the savings in weight will make up for any changes in pack fit.

My new hyperlight waterproof backpack ~2lbs

There is a pocket in the back that fits my Martin backpacker guitar perfectly… Now I just need a Lightweight watertight bag for it and I’ll be all set!

I won’t lie, we had a moment or two over the weekend where I was starting to get a bit anxious about this hike…

But I took a nap, let the feelings settle and remembered that glorious moment in the white mountains when this AT seed was first planted. And then I remembered my commitment to myself that nothing was gonna get Me down! Nothing I mean there is nothing but time ahead of me…a chance in a life time to have a second chance at life the way I wanted it… Homeschooling my kid on a big huge Gypsy adventure and connecting to myself and nature in deeper ways. Nothing can get me down, I created this, and I love my creation!

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