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day 37 – APRIL 6 Bradley Gap

The goal was to do a nice mellow 19 mile day and get into the hostel tonight for a good dinner and shower and beds and breakfast. Then the Gootch crews talking and planning a moonlight hike last night made us reconsider once we got past the shelter they all planned to stay in. It didn’t make sense to me to hike in the woods on a full moon night…but the open fields that followed after the shelter made me reconsider. I kept thinking about where Cambyr and I stopped for our breakfast and how beautiful that whole open slope was and how I didn’t want to miss hiking under the full moon in that.

But it wasn’t until Cambyr and I hiked down to a crosspath that had historical markers and we read them and got excited to check out that I really got serious about changing my mind. We checked out the campsite near a big red Barn and just fell in love! Grassy and flat and open and beautiful! Then up another hill and more and more of it!

That’s when Lefty finally caught up with us and then I got even more excited envisioning a moonlit hike with Cambyr. I checked guthooks and made the decision while we were filling up our water. There was another open section that would be perfect for camping and hiking in the full moon. We hiked over, found the perfect spot and set up camp. We figure if we can sleep by five or so and wake up around 2 am we will have plenty of time to leisurely pack up and get our last six miles in in time to arrive around 7:30 just before they serve breakfast at 8! There is a chance it could get cloudy which would run the whole thing, but with the wind we are having I’m hoping it will blow them all away just long enough for our night time and sunrise hike… The added bonus…a two-fer!

Lefty ended up leaving when his buddies Sidewinder and Boys all showed up just after we set up camp. They had a better plan in Lefties mind… Hike to the campsite across the street from the hostel and go in and have pizza and beer tonight then camp and pack up in time for breakfast in the morning. They helped him pack up and they were off. 

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  1. Amy May 8, 2020

    Pizza and beer would be hard to resist. Great views!

    • briana May 11, 2020 — Post Author

      And there is always more to the story! I just found out he doesn’t typically get to drink beer at home… So it’s a fun freedom for him here! Too those day we are still glad we choose there moonlight hike. There hasn’t been such a great open spot since that night to even experience that again!

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