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day 39 – APRIL 8 Cascade falls camping

We woke up to cloudy stormy looking skies so I went out to grab the food bag and go to the bathroom. The beautiful large oak tree we hung the bag from was calling “you need to sit with me” so I took 15 minutes or to just meditate under it’s spanning branches. I heard the birds and the light wind and felt the cool air and smelt the fresh scent and I felt a joy that resonated deep within my soul.

I am so fucking happy.

It is indescribable the feelings that rush over me in the moments when I am completely enveloped in this Blissfully satisfying experience…. As if I am finally fulfilling a deeper purpose in my life. Enjoying the surroundings of my happiest place I basked in the fact that I get this feeling continually out here. Soon after my 15 minutes of purposeful connection to my soul ended the sprinkles began.

Cambyr and I got to work getting our secret tricky way of packing up while leaving the rainfly intact. It is so much fun to get these techniques down and execute them efficiently and accurately. We got dressed in our raingear and made a quick hot banana oatmeal with walnuts and some cocoa then excitedly set out to see what today would bring us. We yelled to Groovy as we got closer to his camp knowing he would be passing us soon enough. 

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  1. Peter Kim April 27, 2020

    Reading these is so good for my soul – I can totally relate to how happy you are out on the trail. This weekend, we were out day tripping on the Long Trail thinking of you. So glad that this is still working out for you despite the current Coronavirus state of affairs – You might be the safest of us all!

    • briana April 30, 2020 — Post Author

      So happy to help out a fellow soul! 😊 So glad I can help out by simply living my dreams… Win-win!! I’ll be posting even more soulful stuff coming up… Cambyr has been really pushing us to make big miles this week…24,18,22,20 our mileage the past four days! We are blowing our own minds what we are finding we are capable of! Stay tuned for more updates soon!
      Take care my friend!

  2. Edward April 29, 2020

    Really enjoying following your progress on this amazing journey

    • briana April 30, 2020 — Post Author

      So glad! I’m trying to get more updates in so it will be more “real-time”! Stay tuned!😁

  3. Amy May 8, 2020

    Those are some serious miles. I’m really impressed. I walked about 10 miles over the weekend around town and was thinking…how do they do 13 each day? And your blowing that out of the water.

    • briana May 11, 2020 — Post Author

      It’s funny how doing anything long term makes you more adept at it. I have been honestly blown away when I compare our mileage progress between now and when we started…. But so many factors have changed since then too.

      We usually pull longer miles on days with the easiest terrain. And those longer days simply mean we get up much earlier and get in much later. But even so no matter the miles, it seems for to five hours in my feet will show signs of fatigue. I have learned how much those pains shift and move and as long as I take care of hot spots when I feel them and focus on my gait I feel I can manage quite well. It also helps a ton keeping our pack weight down. There is a maximum comfortable pack weight that when exceeded slows things (and comfort) way down!

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