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Day 8 – MARCH 8 – muskrat Creek shelter

The end of Georgia

Made it to muskrat Creek shelter! We are officially done with Georgia and in North Carolina!!! It’s a landmark day for sure! It feels surreal that we completed the first big goal… Walking thru one state of the AT. Georgia is already done! Wow. North Carolina will start to have bigger inclines and a steep long section before the Smokies. I’m excited to see this step by step for myself!

Podcast interview

When we got to the shelter Ryan Schlosser and Ellie (from Maine) were there and we all introduced ourselves then the next thing you know Ryan is talking about his project to do podcasts with the hikers he meets and he wanted our story! It was so fun hearing him interview Cambyr and watch how she handled herself so maturely and easily. She is transforming before my eyes already, fearing less the interaction with people and embracing the joy of the exchange. You can hear the interview yourself at – podcast “walk-in and talking ; an at thru hike”

Podcast interview

AT family time

It was great seeing Jay, Cody and Paul roll in after us. They came right after a guy with a red beard showed up. (Later we found out he was “red bushy bush”). It was fun because we had been seeing Paul since night 2 at Gooch shelter and Jay and Cody on day 5. Cambyr and I kept hoping we’d see them again because they had such a great vibe and hey they were a parent and child team like us! We so got our dinners ready and talked for a long time finding out about each other and trying to come up with trail names that would stick (still no luck!)

Tramily games

Cambyr told me at bedtime when we were snuggled in together that she really liked this group and hoped that they would become our tramily (trail family). It’s like the trail name, it happens upon you slowly but once you have it you’ll know it. It will be interesting to see how it all evolves. And I’m in no rush to find out! 😁

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