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March 6 – day 6 Tray mountain shelter

We casually woke up around 7 and headed down to breakfast. Everyone from the night before showed up at the same time so we got a few more laughs before we left. We had a wonderful x-delta employee working the breakfast bar who was super entertaining so we got off to a great start! Unfortunately after that it went sightly downhill. Cambyr took charge and decided she wanted to figure out the plan for the next few days.

I cleaned up and packed a bit then tried to post entries to the blog. We’ve both been writing each night to capture the highlights of the day. Luckily Google docs can bed used offline so we write it all up there and then can just copy and paste to our blog site. That means we will be posting things about five days at a time. However, it ain’t effortless posting Via a phone. The mobile interface isn’t the best and can be frustrating. On top off that, posting 4-5 days at the same sitting is tedious. I just got antsy sitting inside the hotel room when we finally had clear skies and decent weather. I could already feel the trappings of society weighing me down. Resisted getting sucked into anything. We finally checked out at 11 and had a shuttle arranged to pick us up. A 15 minute wait turned to almost an hour and I was going crazy. I figured I could have hitched hike quicker! They finally showed up apologizing and I just had to let that and my $20 go. Finally back at the mountain we decided in honor of my son who supported us going on this trip and who decided not to come with us we would visit his name’s…Tray Gsp, Tray Mountain and Tray Shelter.. (Not spelled the same but sounds the same). We had a great hike and I personally felt so much better not being in town.

 I don’t know why but I haven’t had a huge appetite lately. Last night I didn’t eat much for an all you can eat buffet (we joke that cambyr paid the adult price and I paid the child one because she ate so much more than me.) and this morning breakfast at the hotel was all you can eat and I hardly ate. Cambyr and I knew that we were having a short six mile day so we didn’t plan to eat again until the shelter. But we didn’t leave for the trail until half past noon. It only took us about 3.5 hours or so to make it to Tray shelter. The hike was mostly uneventful but the wind did start to pick up at some point…. And the temperatures dropped really fast. 

We made it to the shelter and luckily there was room for us. We recognized Antoine from Quebec that we met earlier but that was it. Antoine moved over for us so we could set up our beds. And Cambyr immediately got in to warm up. 

We were both pretty hungry by then so I cooked Mac n cheese up for her and a Cuban bean and rice meal for me. I made some cocoa for each of us and realized the fuel was getting low. So low I didn’t even know if I had enough for breakfast. I couldn’t believe I didn’t check to refuel while we were in town! 

The hard part was that it took me forever to light the stove and each attempt my hand froze more and more. Then I had to run down to the spring to get water and run back.

Then eat (not in the sleeping bag like cambyr was) and clean everything up and then hang the bear bag and then brush my teeth and go to the bathroom to finally get in so I could get warm with Cambyr. I didn’t want to have to get out again…. It was that cold! I took enough time to change into my sleeping socks but I dove into that sleeping bag with everything else I was wearing. We closed the top and sank down low breathing hard to create a bubble of warmth around us. 

It was finally warning up in there and I was feeling all my digits again and suddenly I felt a huge wack snack on the top of my head. I would have assumed Cambyr if she wasn’t sitting in there with me, so I sat up laughing telling Antoine, who was in his sleeping bag moving around beside me, that I ain’t no game of whack-a-mole! And if he kept it up I’d have to change his trail name from “Quebec” to “Whack-a-mole”. He laughed so hard not realizing he had hit me and apologized. Then it felt like five minutes later he did it again. I sat up laughing hysterically proclaiming “that’s it! Your trail name is now Whack-a-mole!” he apologized again and laughed accepting the name… Which we all thought was a way better name with a way better story than plain old “Quebec”. 

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