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Adventure Time on the Appalachian Trail

What does the APPALACHIAN Trail have to do with The Drew Barrymore show?

It’s amazing how the momentum on our trip just keeps picking up steam! It is proof that trail magic doesn’t have to end when you reach Kathadin!

We had an amazingly fun and relaxed interview with a producer from the Drew Barrymore Show yesterday and had so much fun explain things to someone who just doesn’t hike at all! (Especially the toilet talk!) Harryana loves it all and knew Drew would love it too; especially when we told her that our finishing time was 2:22! She went crazy saying how special that number was to Drew and it was a sign ….her birthday is 2/22!

Cambyr was a bit out of sorts just before the interview and demanding I get out of her room and do it somewhere else…but I knew it was just one of those transitioning moments and we have faced many at this point. Reacting according to her mood will never work. So I kept my vision in my mind of how I wanted the interview to go and how I knew Cambyr would come back and sit in her room with me. And she did just a minute or two after Harryana got on the call.

it would have been really fun to get to fly to the studio and see Drew face to face in person , but life takes many strange and exciting turns, I could still see that in our future someday! But for now, we will have a zoom call with her on Monday morning!

As I have shared this news with friends and family it’s been fun to hear their reactions. One trail friend dubbed us the “face of the AT 2020”! Which I have to say felt kind of amazing! I’m hoping what we can accomplish with this exposure we are getting is to help people reignite their desire for magic in their life, to see an example of how just changing your perspective can allow for wellness, creativity, passion and the “impossible” and never-before-imagined dreams to flow into your life, effortlessly!

we have a story to tell.
we are just average people, with a singular goal…to be happy at all costs!

This applies to the struggling housewife who can’t get any free time to herself, the “typical” detached teenager, and the overworked father who just can’t find the time, a break, or enough resources! We so often talk ourselves out of our own happiness …it’s really time to take that back and tell everyone else, society, family, friends, bosses….I have nothing to give you if I am not happy!

It’s time for the happy revolution! And it just might start with a mother and daughter duo who beat the odds to hike a hike with purpose!

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  1. Hope Abramson September 25, 2020

    This is so awesome! It’s been delightful to follow this journey, and thinking of Cambyr, who I knew as my ELA student for half the year! You are both an inspiration! Enjoy the interview and I’m looking forward to seeing you!

    • briana September 25, 2020 — Post Author

      Thanks Hope! Been a pleasure having you along for the ride! She is loving High School and enjoying the thrill of new concepts in her classes! It really helps her to flourish and thrive!

  2. Paul September 25, 2020

    Wow! Being interviewed on a national TV show. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. I’m looking forward to seeing this. I’ve enjoyed following your adventure.

    • briana September 25, 2020 — Post Author

      I’m really excited about it too…but either way…I’m in such an amazing place right now I’m thrilled to be alive!

  3. Lorraine Harriman September 29, 2020

    I was so happy when I heard you made it to Mt. Katahdin!! Yahoo!! (shout out to Maine my home state) Congratulations!

    I’ve been thinking about you ever since my dog led me onto the AT and we met you in Norwich.

    I just watched the interview on the Drew Barrymore Show….LOVED it!!

    • briana September 29, 2020 — Post Author

      thanks so much for the magical rendezvous Lorraine! Also, thanks for the interest and for following us! give that dog a big hug for us!

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