My hike with my daughter on the Appalachian trail last year taught me a valuable lesson….we stop our own dreams from coming true.

Cambyr is a bright and shining example of dreaming big beyond any limitations that would cause most people to convince themselves why it can’t come true.

She’s felt the call to hike more. It’s in her, as most of us that are driven to do a thru-hike. And she caught wind of the perfect school for her…a travelling school! She beat the odds of all the applicants and was accepted. Yet she didn’t receive a scholarship to attend, and has no financial backing from family due to its high cost.

Yet still she dreams, she can taste it, she can’t let it go. She’s excited to now follow her heart in spreading her message and joy for this amazing opportunitythat only the super rich get access to. Im helping her because I believe in her. And I believe that we all have a piece of that within us.

Please spread this link to all you know and maybe through some change at it…maybe the price of a cup of coffee as a vote to going for your dreams no matter what!

Where there is a will there IS a way!

She has art to sell and if you have items you would like to donate (instead of cash) that would be great too!

Thanks so much for following her story and our adventures and for taking the time to remember your own dreams!



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